Blythe Price Guide is the up-to-date version of Blythe Price List, started with the blessing of the original Blythe Price List creator.

The purpose of Blythe Price Guide is for members of the Blythe community to share what they recently purchased a Blythe for. This is meant to help buyers and sellers make informed decisions when it comes to buying and selling dolls.

The only information collected by users is the type of doll, condition, and price. No personal information will be kept or used on this website in any way, shape, or form. Submissions are meant to be anonymous to encourage active community participation.

When making a submission, please include the full name of the release. If it’s a doll that has multiple variations (e.g. Hollywood FAO, BL, EBL; Sunday Best and Sunday Very Best), please include that distinction when making your submission. If there’s any confusion, your submission won’t be included.

Due to variations in custom work, and custom pricing, submissions based on customized Blythe dolls will not be listed on the Blythe Price Guide.