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  • 06/2016 – $325 USD – Yellowed eyeballs, frizzy and matted hair but hair was uncut. Makeup fully intact including blushy cheeks. Missing right leg. Purchased from a Facebook group.


  • 08/2016 – £350 – Brunette. Hair quite matted and frizzy. Partial eyeshadow rub, most blush gone, 50% lip rub. Some melt on scalp line including slight lifting of scalp (some melt was removed by previous owner). Several plugs missing. Pull string slightly shorter than original. Takara body. Purchased in UK.


  • 08/2015 – $1100USD – Nearly minty, side part, 7 lines. Purchased in Vancouver
  • 2016 – $900USD – Nude doll, minimal yellowing, no missing hair plugs. Purchased in USA.