Neo, ADG, Middle, and Petite Submissions

This is the submission form for Neo, ADGs, Middies, and Petite Blythe dolls. Please make submissions with full names of the releases (no abbreviations). If there is more than one version of the doll, please be specific. E.g. Tea for Two and Tea for Two Encore; Skate Date and Superior Skate Date; Aztec Arrival BL and Aztec Arrival ADG.

Make submission for Kenner purchases here.

For condition (optional), please include one of the following & also include additional comments that you think would be helpful:

  • NRFB – Never Removed From Box
  • RFB – Removed From Box
  • MIB – Mint In Box
  • ND – Nude Doll
Name of Release*
Month/Year Purchased*